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Patch Notes [Update 2.0: July 16]

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DOFUS Community Manager Member Since 2009-10-19
posté July 16, 2013, 10:52:06 | #1
Patch Notes [Update 2.0: July 16]
  • The 60 Demonic Rewards have been implemented in-game
  • In order to adapt the pace of the game to the implementation of the Demonic Rewards, game times have been modified:
    • Tension roll phase has been extended, which will allow a little more time to reflection at the beginning of the round.
    • The duration of a round has been reduced a little for invocations.
    • The duration of a Krosmaster’s round now depends on the Krosmaster itself. Krosmasters considered as “hard” to play with have more game time than Krosmaster considered as easier to play with.
  • The tutorial has been updated in order to explain the use of the Demonic Rewards
  • Attribution constraints of tension rolls have been modified in order to avoid attributing a power to a Krosmaster that already has it on its map, and not to a Krosmaster that has it temporarily (thanks to a Reward, or thanks to a temporary power).
  • Modification of the Krosmaster Klor Ofil: everyone knows that the Klor Ofil Krosmaster is too powerful for its level and omnipresent in the teams. And following the decision of temporarily banishing Klor Ofil from the board game’s tournaments, we’ve also decided to reduce the importance of Klor Ofil in the online version. Without going as far as removing it from the game (this decision would have been unfair to players who have one), we’ve decided to change the level of this Krosmaster in the online version. Klor Ofil will therefore go down to level 4 during this update.

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